Prag's central station - Hlavni Nadrazi

02.11.07, 22:31:10 von urban-soundscape
Hlavni-Nadrazi-Praha-150px.jpgTry to understand the station master.

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Prag's Carillon

02.11.07, 22:24:10 von urban-soundscape
Every hour the carillon on the top of prag's famous astronimical clock acts for a huge crowd of tourist.

Put on you ear phones to listen to the binaural sound of this recording!

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Prag's Laughing Witches

02.11.07, 00:16:00 von urban-soundscape
Listen to the sound of Prag's most famous (tourist) market and their attractive witches ...

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Berlin: From Station To Station

13.10.07, 23:15:00 von urban-soundscape
26092007465.jpgMy first contribution the the urban soundscape project:

Listen to the typical sounds of the berlin subway! Wait for the train's arrival, travel one station and finaly listen to the leaving train.


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